A Man in Ruins

A Man in Ruins

Mark 5: v1-15

It is sad when you see what were great buildings from the past and all that's left is ruins. However, there is nothing more sad than to see a human being, a living soul created in the image of God spiritually in ruins. It is sad to see this Gadarene demoniac in such a desperate state.

What about you, is it the case that your life is spiritually in ruins. You are a living soul that is here to have a relationship with God and to glorify and enjoy God. Yet all of that is in ruins because of your sins against God, your sins from a spiritual point of view have ruined you.

Jesus we see had the power to change the life of this man so that it was no longer in ruins ( verse 15 ). Jesus is able to save you a sinner and spiritually rebuild the ruins of your life. He alone has the power to deliver you from sin and Satan's power. The Gadarene ran to Jesus for help when he saw Him. You also need to run to Christ and prayerfully ask Him to save you a sinner. Christ has promised if you do, He in no wise will cast you out. The promise of God is clear, " Whoever calls on the name of the Lord, shall be saved."

How marvellous to see some ancient ruins restored. It is 10,000 times more marvellous to see a ruined sinner saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Dear Lord, what heavenly wonders dwell
In Thy atoning blood !
By this are sinners snatched from hell,
And rebels brought to God,"