Behold, God Is Mine Helper

"Behold, God Is Mine Helper"

Psalm 54 v4

The psalmist often speaks of God being his helper (40 v17, 115 v11, 116 v6, 121 v1-2 and 124 v8). There are also great promises of God's help for His people in Isaiah chapters. 41 v10, 13 and 50 v9. We are told in Hebrews 13 v6 that believers in Christ can boldly say, the Lord is my helper.

Everyone needs God's help as we are all guilty sinners against God. We are helpless when it comes to saving ourselves from our sins and their awful consequences for us. It's only God in Christ that can save you a helpless, hopeless sinner. Thankfully those who ask God in Christ to save them a sinner, He does. God's children through faith in Christ Jesus are helped by God in several ways:

  1. God helps His children by the Holy Spirit to live a holy life in this ungodly world.
  2. God helps His children in the trials and difficulties of life. We are told in Psalm 46 v1 that God is a very present help in trouble.
  3. God helps His children in any service we seek to do for Him. The reality is we can do nothing without God's help.
  4. God helps His children in the most certain experience of life which is death. When our bodies and souls are separated we need God's help. When a believer dies, God is with them, His rod and His staff comforting them ( Psalm 23 v4).

A statement made by a believer years ago is so relevant - "In God there is a willing readiness and a ready willingness to give His people all the help they need."