Do what you can, when you can

Do what you can, when you can

Mark 14 v 8

A woman breaks open a box of precious ointment and pours it upon the head of Jesus, but what was the result ? There were probably many that felt this was such a waste, it could have been sold and the money from the sale given to the poor. The reaction of Jesus is very different, rather than being displeased He commends her behaviour. Jesus says she has performed a good work, she had done what she could which would be continually remembered.

Jesus knew what she did was done out of love for Him. The ungodly world thinks nothing of devoting all your time and energy to wealth, success and pleasure. It cannot however understand someone on faith in Christ loving Him and devoting their life to Christ who died for their sins. When we do things for Christ out of a sense of duty, we will seek to get by doing as little as possible. Things done for Christ out of love for Him results in us doing everything we can for Him. Christ never expects us to do for Him what we cannot do but does expect us to do all we can.

What a mistake it would have been if she hadn't done this with the ointment then but thought she would do it a month later. It would have been too late as Christ would have already died. You see not only do we need out of love for Christ do all we can for His glory, we need to do it when we can. To be saying that you will do what Christ would want sometime in the future is presuming you will have the future to do it in. You could die and then find it's too late to do what you should have done for Christ.

So out of love for Christ do all you can for Him, and don't put it off but do it now while you can.