Faith or Folly?

The believer in Christ who says in the present crisis that they are not going to follow the medical advice but trust in God to protect them, is this faith or folly? I have known of believers like me who are type 1 diabetics, say they weren't going to take insulin injections. They said rather they would trust in God to keep them well, is this faith or folly?

All I have known who did that became seriously ill and were admitted to hospital. Does it mean their faith wasn't strong enough? Not at all it required great faith to believe God would keep them well without taking insulin. The problem is that what they did  really was foolish. It is tempting God to expect God to miraculously intervene when there are adequate means available to treat the type 1 diabetes. The following that I read years ago shows what we think is faith is often folly:

The story is told of the devout Irishman who, when his house was caught in a great flood, climbed for safety to the roof. Along cane a rescue launch and offered to take him off. "No thanks," he said, "I believe God will save me". The rescuers on the launch could not persuade him and went away. The water rose and covered the roof and the Irishman climbed onto the chimney. A helicopter arrived and lowered a crewman. "No thanks," he said "I believe God will save me". He drowned. On arrival in heaven he met God and asked," Why didn't you save me, I had great faith?" God replied "I sent a launch and a helicopter to save you!".