God Looked Down from Heaven

God Looked Down from Heaven (Psalm 53 v 2)

In Psalm 53 God closely examines the human race and tells us what He finds. The idea in the Hebrew of looking down, is to make a close intensive examination of the moral state of mankind. The result doesn't make pleasant reading but it's accurate because it is carried out by an all knowing God. We might not like or agree with the results of God's examination but that doesn't alter the fact that this is how we are before God.

Here are the results of God's close examination of each one of us:

  1. We foolishly say no to God, living as if He doesn't even exist, verse 1.
  2. We are corrupt by nature, verse 1.
  3. We do abominable iniquity before a holy God, verse 1.
  4. We don't do the good things God commands, verses 1 and 3.
  5. We don't understand our sinfulness and need of, or seek God, verse 2.
  6. We have all gone back, are living a life contrary to God's will, verse 3.
  7. We are altogether become filthy because our hearts, minds and will have been affected by sin, verse 3.

You may think I'm not like that, God has made a mistake but this is the result of God's all knowing examination of the whole human race, that includes you! However, all is not hopeless because God has provided salvation even though we are like this, verse 6. It's found in God the Son, the Lord Jesus. Christ on the cross suffered the penalty saying no to God, being corrupt, abominable iniquity, not doing good, not seeking God and all our filthiness deserves.

So don't be a fool and say no to God any longer but trust in Christ for forgiveness for all these sins. I pray that you will rejoice and be glad ( verse 6 ) as a result of your salvation on faith in Christ Jesus.