God’s Promises in Affliction

God's Promises in Affliction

God makes it clear in His word that His children through faith in Christ Jesus will suffer affliction in this world. Their own sins and those of the people all around them are a source of great affliction (Psalm 119 v 136). Believers also have to suffer the affliction caused by the scorn, ridicule and derision of the ungodly world.

During times of affliction whatever the cause, God comforts and quickens the believer through His word (Psalm 119 v 49, 50, 52). When afflicted the believer in Christ needs to plead the promises God has given in His word that meets their particular situation.  We should appeal to God's goodness and faithfulness which mean God cannot but keep the promises He has made. We have to be careful in affliction not to doubt what God has said in His word. The last thing we need when afflicted is to start departing from the truths and principles of God's word.

When afflicted it's not a time to not testify to our Saviour. It is in fact a very good time to testify to Him because at such times it's such a powerful witness before an ungodly world. Read the testimony of the psalmist when he went through a difficult time of affliction (Psalm 94 v 17-19, 22).