Summary of Guidance

(updated December 2020)

Under the new tiered system we are currently allowed to open and hold services, however, we are required by law to ensure the church is "COVID Secure" and this entails that we put into place certain measures and restrictions that are designed to protect all who attend our services. To prevent the virus from spreading to you and to other people, the following measures have been adopted in all our church services.

Please note that Government guidance and legislation can change quickly in response to the changing situation nationally and locally. Please be aware of these changes as they occur in the news, but the website will be updated of any changes that materially affect us in our ability to open the church and hold services.

Full Guidance

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Before Coming to Church

  • If you have any of the following symptoms or been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms, you must stay at home and self-isolate:
    • High Fever
    • Continuous Dry cough
    • Loss of taste or smell
  • Please wash your hands and use the toilet before arriving at church. Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the main hall
  • Please bring your own face covering or mask

Arriving at church

  • Please ensure that your attendance is recorded by the door steward on Sunday morning and/or evening. On Tuesdays, the record will be taken by someone at the front of the building.
  • People of the same household should arrive and sit together
  • Please maintain a distance of 2 metres from other people
  • Hymn books will be placed in church ready for use
  • On entering the church please make your way fowards and take a seat marked available nearest the front. Available seats will have a hymnbook on the seat and the unavailable seats will be marked with an ‘X’
  • You will be required to wear a face covering or mask inside the building. If you forget to bring a covering or mask, we have a limited supply of disposable face masks.

During the Service

  • The windows will be open to improve ventilation as a safety measure. Please remember to dress accordingly during colder days. The heating system will not be operating.
  • If the toilet is required at any point, those at the front half of the church please pass through via the hall carefully, whilst maintaining distancing. Those towards the back, please use the main entrance and make your way to the side entrance
  • Unfortunately, we are not permitted to sing, however we will have hymns in various forms without singing

Leaving Church

  • Please leave the hymn book you have used during the service in the pew
  • At the end of the service, the order of leaving is starting from those at the back of the church through to those sat at the front.
  • As you leave please maintain 2 metres distance from other people
  • Encourage conversations between attendees to take place outside the building in groups of no more than 6 people (maintaining the 2m distance between people from different social bubbles)