September 15, 2020

Tuesday Midweek Prayer and Bible Meeting 15th September

Pre-recorded video sermon by John Macarthur (Grace To You Minisitres) on 'What the Cross Means to God'


"It’s easy to become sentimental about the cross.  There are a lot of people who are.  There’s a lot of sentiment about the cross, a lot of emotion about the cross, a lot of, I suppose, artificially-induced emotion.  There are some people who think you need to sort of sit in a corner and conjure up feeling and conjure up joy and somehow conjure up even sorrow and tears, and have a full emotional bath before you engage in obedience.  And if you’re not emotional about the cross, if you’re not swept away by feelings about the cross, somehow your obedience is not legitimate.  Somehow something is missing that trivializes your obedience..."

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