God’s Gentleness

God's Gentleness

We often hear and speak of God's holiness, righteousness, power, love, mercy and goodness. Rarely however do we hear or speak of God's gentleness. David in 2 Samuel 22 v 36 and in Psalm 18 v 35 says, "Thy gentleness hath made me great." The prophet Isaiah in ch. 40 v 11 and 42 v 3 gives examples of God's gentleness. God the most powerful being is also the most gentle.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God's law and sinned, God does not immediately strike them down but sends them into a fallen world with the promise of a Saviour to come, what gentleness. God is remarkably gentle in His dealings with sinners. He still provides them with many things and gives them good things to enjoy. God the Holy Spirit gently works away in a sinner's heart convicting of sin and drawing to Christ. Often a sinner's repentance and faith are far from perfect yet God gently is at work in them so it's real and results in them being saved.

As believers in Christ our lives are often well short of what they should be, yet God in Christ accepts us and gently works within us, making us more like Christ. During our lives as Christians, God in His gentleness doesn't let us be tried above what we are able to bear. God's discipline of His children isn't harsh but gentle. The believer who goes through a time of spiritual decline is with gentleness restored by God.

True greatness is true gentleness, God is to be greatly praised because none are as gentle as God.