The Church regularly supports various missionaries and missionary societies both financially and in prayer in their work of spreading the good news of the Gospel throughout the world.  These include:

Leonidas & Irene Kollaros are supported through the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF).  Leon is pastor of a church at Ioannina in Northern Greece.  His work includes evangelism in the town square and among students at the university.  Irene was formerly a member of our church  until her marriage when she moved to support Leonidas in his work in Greece

Dawid & Agnieska Koziol are supported through EMF, and live in Zywiec, Poland, where Dawid is pastor of the church.  He also leads youth camps during the summer throughout Poland.

Laura Sanlon is supported through Unevangelised Fields Mission (UFM), and is based in Barcelona, where she coordinates youth work throughout Spain.  She also organises young people’s missions from Spain to other countries.

Sue Trenier is also supported through UFM, and has worked on the translation of the Bible to the Hupla language of Irian Jaya.

Adrian & Toni Brixey are serving the Lord through a local church in Gloucester, working among the immigrant community.

The church also supports other missionaries and organisations on an as needs basis.