The church was founded in 1807 when two brothers, Robert and James Haldane visited the town with the purpose of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God in His grace brought number of people from the town to faith through their preaching.  These converts met together to worship God in a rented sail room workshop in Senhouse Street, affectionately known as "The Loft," where the work was led by Mr Charles Kitchen, a school teacher from the town. The numbers worshiping there increased as the years went by.

In the early 1830's the church recognised the need for larger premises and the members set about erecting their own building in High Street (now the Masonic Hall).  The building was opened in 1834 and the fellowship called its first full time qualified minister - Rev Hugh Anderson. Again God blessed the people of Maryport and the size of the congregation grew significantly, such that the building was extended twice.

In 1891 a new property, large enough to accommodate 700 worshipers and known as the Baptist Cathedral of the North, was opened on the site of our present building.  Unfortunately this magnificent building had structural problems and was demolished in 1951 when the congregation continued to meet in the adjacent schoolroom for the next 17 years. ​

The present building was opened in 1968. As we look back we can truly say that God has been good to us.

The church at various times during its history has moved away from the doctrine preached by the Haldane brothers, however it is now back to its doctrinal roots and seeks to faithfully proclaim the Word of God.​

​We thank God for His great faithfulness, and as we look to the future, our confidence remains in God, for He is building His church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.

The church has met in 5 buildings under the leadership of 22 ministers:

The time in 'The Loft' 1807-1834
Rev Mr Charles Kitchen

The High Street Period 1834-1891
​Rev Hugh Anderson (1835-1849)
Rev Daniel Kirkbride (1849-1879)
Rev Richard Walker (?-1881)
Rev Henry C Bailey (1881-1889)
​Rev William H Elliott (1889-1896)

The 'Cathedral of the North' 1891-1951
Rev John Bailey (1897-1898)
Rev Henry C Mander (1899-1904)
Rev Thomas N Tattersall (1904-1909)
Rev Sidney R Ward (1910-1917)
Rev Andrew S Johnston (1917-1920)
Rev George Archer (1921-1922)

The 'Cathedral of the North' contd.

​Rev William Randell (1922-1930)
​Rev William H Burton (1930-1939)
Rev Henry L Duff (1940-1945)
Rev George Midgley (1945-1948)
​Rev Kenneth R Crane (1950-1952)

The Schoolroom Interval 1951-1968
Rev Frank W Applin (1953-1956)
Rev William A Watson (1957-1960)
Rev E John Griffiths (1961-1965)
Rev David G Griffiths (1967-1981)

​The Current Building 1968 - present
​Rev Garry C Rowcroft (1984-present)

Trinity baptist church maryport