History is under the control of God

The bible contains many prophecies given by God through His servants. All the prophecies concerning things to come in the period of history within the bible, came to pass just as God said. The prophecies to do with things at the end of time will also come to pass exactly as God says. It isn't that God simply had a foreknowledge of what was and is to come. The reality is that God sovereignly overrules everything so that what He has said will happen, does happen. All of this without the slightest interference with the freedom of man's will or a lessening of man's responsibility. We have difficulty seeing how both can be true at the same time but in God's word we see that they are mysteriously compatible.

God's control is absolute, even when we can't make any sense of what is happening in the world. We don't live in a world which is out of control but one in which everything is coming to pass as God has sovereignly purposed and planned. History will not end with the triumph of evil but with the coming again of Christ in power and great glory, a triumph of righteousness with believers together, forever with Him. There used to be a character in the T.V programme "Dads Army" who would say, "Don't panic, don't panic !" Believer in Christ no matter what's happening in the world or your life, don't panic God is in sovereign control.

"Through all His mighty works
Amazing wisdom shines,
Confounds the powers of hell,
And breaks their dark designs;
Strong is His arm, and shall fulfil,
His great decrees and sovereign will."