“What is your life?”

"What is your life?"

James 4 v 14

Various answers are given by people to the question above, but the answer here is that it's like a vapour that appears for a moment then vanishes away. Observe the steam from a kettle which is visible a short while then is gone. It comes and quickly goes yet mankind is slow to learn we are not here long before we are gone through death.

It reminds us how uncertain and short human life really is. So, what great folly to leave God out of that life. The average length of human life worldwide is still threescore years and ten. So, if you are over 25 over a third of your life is already gone. However over 40 and more than half of your life is passed. When over 60 more than three quarters of your life is gone and all this is not taking into account that many die before they are 70.

So, it's time to wake up and get right with God who you have continually disobeyed throughout your life. The only way that can happen is by trusting in Jesus who shed His blood and died on the cross. He there was suffering the punishment all the sins of all who believe on Him deserves, so we can be brought back to God. The only way when you die that you can be prepared to meet with God is by faith in Christ.

As a believer in Christ seek to make your brief life a blessing by living for the honour and glory of God. Make it a blessing also by telling others of Christ your Saviour so that they trust in Him to save them a sinner before their brief life is over.