The Priority of Life

The Priority of Life

Matthew 6 v 33

Sadly, what people make their priority in life, their chief pursuit is often a grave mistake. What is the one great end and purpose of human existence, for that should be people's priority. It is to have fellowship with and love, worship. praise and serve God. When we get away from this priority then people's lives, death and eternal future go terribly wrong.

It is for that reason Jesus reminds us what the chief priority of life should be, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness." It's not money, material things, success, pleasure or even family that should be the priority.

  1. We need first of all to seek admission into God's kingdom. If that is going to happen we need to be forgiven our sins and be at peace with God. The only way that can happen is by repenting and believing on Christ.
  2. Following that we need to advance in God's kingdom. Loving, obeying, trusting and serving Christ more brings that about.
  3. Then we must seek the advancement of the kingdom of God by praying for its advance and making Christ known so others come to Him and God's kingdom grows.

The consequences for your life, death and eternity will be enormous if you take no notice of what Jesus says should be your first priority.

"Seek ye first, not earthly pleasure,
Fading joy and failing treasure;
But the love that knows no measure
Seek ye first."